It took some doing, but I have finally plugged in all 384 Rupp teams.  This means when checking your player's SS, you can now be sure if he's ranked #1 that he really is the best player in DIII Rupp (according to the Starr Engine).  Here are some other things that have been done over the last week or so:

1 - cleaned up work page and replaced some formulas for shorter versions that yielded the same result.  This leads to faster processing times (nothing any of you will ever notice though, it's on my end).  I also tweaked the SS formula for PG and SG each, just a hair. 

2 - some website cosmetics and links to important pages in the WIS setting.

3 - The ability to plug in and find your entire team's Starr Scores, complete with suggested tempos, suggested starting line-ups and predictions where your team is likely to score from (outside, balanced, inside).  This feature was temporarily available once, but had to take it down since it became outdated.  After plugging in the 384 teams, I decided it was time to bring it back.  I still have to link it to the website, but it should be coming soon.

Coming Soon:

1 - ^ to link team SS pages to website.
2 - write a script to open, calculate and close each workbook every day.  In doing so, the Starr Scores will be updated after every game, instead of every 5 games.
3 - Adjust formula for team and conference scores so that they are on a 100 point scale, like with player scores.