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Easter Egg Hunt!

Posted by EzekialStarr on Sunday, April 20, 2014,
Hey guys I think it would be fun, in honor of Easter Sunday, to have an Easter egg hunt right here on this website.  Now why would you want to waste your time hunting for cyber eggs?  Fair question ;)  Well, why would you waste your time trying to win cyber basketball titles?  To be better than everyone else at it, of course :)  And also, I will buy a free season on WhatIfSports Hoops Dynasty to who ever finds the most!  I think this could really be a lot of fun and the eggs will show up at 9...
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Update - 04/18/2014

Posted by EzekialStarr on Friday, April 18, 2014,
1 - Tested new formula and am feeling very confident with it.

2 - Plugged in 4 new teams: ASC, Capital, Centennial and CUNY.

3 - Made adjustments to the website for increased usability.

I am trying to find a way to log most improved Starr Score player over a season, but outside of using script I've decided it's not possible.  For now, I will leave it be but eventually I will need to use script for some of my future plans so I'll keep it in mind.
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Update - 4/17/2014

Posted by EzekialStarr on Thursday, April 17, 2014,
1 - Adjusted Starr Score formula again for defense; weak defenders were collecting too few points under the old system.

2 - Adjusted team score formula to give less points to starters than the previous version.

3 - Adjusted the method in which team IQ is determined.  It used to convert each player's IQ into a number, retrieve the sum of the 12 players, divide by 12 (the number of players on your team), and then convert back into a letter.  The change takes effect as it converts back into a lett...
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Future Plans

Posted by EzekialStarr on Tuesday, April 15, 2014,
1 - Maybe a chat room, far down the line as an end piece.
2 - A tournament bracket that shows all 64 teams (and the 32 in the PIT) and once.  I also want it to predict the winner and the percentage to win.
3 - I want Starr to be able to predict SOS ranks at the start of each season (after recruiting ends).
4 - continue "Coaches Choice MVP" and "CC CotY" polls, with countdown timers.
5 - Find a solution to google's weak processing power problem.
6 - save date across seasons
7 - keep track of Starr's...
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Help the engine get better :)

Posted by EzekialStarr on Sunday, April 13, 2014,
I made this page to keep track of the updates and formula fixes to the engine and website as we try to perfect this thing.  I'm hoping with all of your input, we can make this rating system dead on!  It's also a great way to get your feedback on the updates, as there should be an option to comment on these threads.  Let's start with what's new with the Starr Engine.

1 - tweaked the formula to give a more accurate guess as to starting line-ups (does not take into account the teams you are playi...
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Rupp DIII Awards

Season 73 CCMVP:  Nathaniel Crowley

Season 72 CCMVP:  Joshua Wallace

 Season 73 CCCotY: BrianXavier 

Season 72 CCCotY:  PlatoIsek

Season 73 Starr Rookie:  Frank Pryor

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