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NT Brackets

Posted by EzekialStarr on Wednesday, June 25, 2014,
I've always thought it was a little tedious to have to click to see each bracket in the NT.  Now I can see them all at once by using the =SE brackets.  I plan to use this tool come tournament time to predict the winners of each game and the %'s and spreads for the games as well.  Lastly, the new tool also keeps a tally of all NT games played per conference; so this is a useful tool for anyone trying to figure out which conference brought in the most bonus cash.

This is currently only a DIII Ru...
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Player Builder Fix

Posted by EzekialStarr on Monday, June 23, 2014,
A while back, I had coded to take the highest IQ for each player for offense and defense.  Later on, I realized this would not always result in an accurate representation of a player's IQ, since some players (especially new ones) might have higher IQs in sets the team did not actually run.  I changed the formula to correct the mistake, but must have forgotten to correct it in the Player Builder Tool's "Quick Roster" tab.  It has now been corrected and so JUCOs and rookies should always displa...
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Minor stuff

Posted by EzekialStarr on Thursday, June 5, 2014,
1 - Coach Scores for both Rupp and Crum are now considered when determining game spreads in the administrative "Team Comparison" tool.  I posted this because I plan to make this tool available on the website on a trial run in some days.

2 - I fixed a minor bug in the coach scores formulas that in rare occasions would give a slightly lesser score to players with "F" FT rating.  Every single formula everywhere had this problem, but it's been fixed everywhere and in the tools as well.

3 - Updated ...
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Coach Scores (Crum)

Posted by EzekialStarr on Wednesday, June 4, 2014,
Coach scores have arrived in the world of Crum.  It comes as no surprise that JsaJsa leads all with an outstanding score; I wonder what that score would have looked like a few seasons ago!  I might make a tool for that :)

I fixed a a serious bug in the coach scores formula.  I wish I had seen it while I was doing all the legwork because the mistake cost me a lot of time repairing the damage.  It was giving NT championship winners less value than coaches who made the championship game and lost ...
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Bug fixes and updates

Posted by EzekialStarr on Sunday, June 1, 2014,
When using the "Recruit Value" tool, the box that displayed the recommended position for the player displayed a reference error instead of "C".  The other positions displayed correctly.  This was a very quick and easy fix and it now is working properly.

While coding, I accidentally made a slight change to the Starr Scores formula somewhere.  Because of this, the formulas were giving different scores between the rankings and the tools.  I traced the problem back to the "Quick Roster" tool and c...
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Season 73 CCMVP decided!

Posted by EzekialStarr on Sunday, June 1, 2014,
The results are in!  Nathaniel Crowley of Dallas (coach:  tarvolon) takes home the CCMVP title this season with a total of 9 votes.  Thank you to everyone who voted :)  Below is the CCMVP's statistics on the season, as well as the other nominees.

Brian AllenSr.SGTexas Lutheran2519.326.
Steven SublettSr.SGVassar2626.422.22.43.700.849.348.581229191.8
David LaceySr.SGEureka2525.723.432.401.247.943.664.5507284.3

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Rupp DIII Awards

Season 73 CCMVP:  Nathaniel Crowley

Season 72 CCMVP:  Joshua Wallace

 Season 73 CCCotY: BrianXavier 

Season 72 CCCotY:  PlatoIsek

Season 73 Starr Rookie:  Frank Pryor

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