When using the "Recruit Value" tool, the box that displayed the recommended position for the player displayed a reference error instead of "C".  The other positions displayed correctly.  This was a very quick and easy fix and it now is working properly.

While coding, I accidentally made a slight change to the Starr Scores formula somewhere.  Because of this, the formulas were giving different scores between the rankings and the tools.  I traced the problem back to the "Quick Roster" tool and corrected the error.  All SS formulas should now be correct across the entirety of the tools and site.

I am adding a "Starr Rookie" award to go along with the CCMVP and CCCotY awards.  For this award- rather than a vote- I am just going to give it to the player with the highest Starr Score each season.  I am also considering an award for the upperclassmen with the highest ranking SS each season, defensive players of the year and coaches with the best coach scores to compliment the existing awards.

In my haste, I had neglected to include stamina and defensive IQ into the D-scores formula.  Because of this, the scores I had posted yesterday were not truly accurate.  This has been addressed and now include IQ and stamina.  The numbers at the very left are the players' SS rank.  It's pretty cool to see the differences in the SS ranks and D-Score ranks.

Coming soon:  Expect some of the greatest player of all time vacancies to be filled very soon as the Rupp season has come to a close (in terms of player growth).