I changed my mind on a couple of my plans.  For one, I did change both team and conference scores to scale on a 100 point system.  Later, I decided to change conference scores back to just a simple average of the 12 teams' team scores.  This way, each team can compare their team score against the conference score and know if their team is helping or hurting the conference.  It won't be a completely accurate measuring system as some coaches are great game-planners, but certainly if your team score is higher than your conference score, you should take pride in that.

Next, I changed my mind about bringing the team listings (complete with suggested tempo, line-up and scoring distribution) back.  I deleted certain things to speed up formulas that google just couldn't handle very well, but kept all of these options abailable inside of the "Team Comparison" tool.  Regrettably, this tool can only be accessed by administrators for now.  However, I am considering about making a copy and putting it on the website for all to enjoy.  We'll see :)

The Team Comparison Tool is actually really cool and quite fun.  You can play games against teams in different worlds, and =SE guesses at the tempos you might run, factors in for coach strength, checks who is home/away or if it's neutral, measures your teams' SS and gives bonuses and penalties for LP/PER that are in the extremes.  It simulates 500 games at a time for more accurate results.  If I ever make an all-star game, I will make it to only simulate 1 game.  If any of you are curious about any match-ups, please just send me a sitemail, let me know on the forums, or comment below.

I have also made a "Player Builder" tool and plan to bring it to the website today or tomorrow.  It's very simple: plug in the numbers and see your Starr Score.  You can plug in numbers from a real player or you can make up your own numbers just to get an idea of how the formulas =SE uses work.  If any of you are interested in having your own personal "Player Builder" tool, please send me a sitemail and I will make you your own page on the site with the tool included.  Otherwise there will be a generic version available for all.

The Starr Scores have been updated for game 13.  Check them out to see if there were any changes in the rankings :)

What I am now working on is a way to measure scores for coaches in the Rupp world, a formula that pulls in all of the NT teams and then simulates games for all of them relative to their data, and possibly an NT prediction tool that, well... predicts the 64 teams that will make the National Tournament each year.