Today is the day I will be adding coach scores as a feature.  I had completed the formula some time ago but plugging in all the teams was quite tedious.  But then I said, "Why not make a formula for my formulas?"  So I developed a formula that would plug in everything for me.  It took some work but in the end was faster than doing them all manually.  And now that I have a template, it's even better: if I decide to plug in other worlds, I can do it in a matter of minutes (hundreds of times faster) now.  There is a countdown on the homepage that displays when the scores will be available for viewing on the site today.

There is also a poll for this season's CCMVP in Rupp.  Last season, Joshua Wallace won the award.  There is some fierce competition this season, so it will be exciting to see which player takes it.

FUTURE:  I am considering either bringing the coach scores to all worlds or making a tool to measure your score in the other worlds.  Other than this, I might take a break from coding for a little while.  When I get back to it, I think it would be great to work on an offensive/defensive efficiency score.