I've developed a formula that can track a coach's history in Rupp and place a numeric score on it.  I've asked around and I feel confident with the results =SE is giving.  I have plugged in every team in the N. Coast, University, and a couple in USA South.  GNE and USA South are next on my list, but I probably won't put it up on the website until I have most of the human coaches plugged in.  These scores take into consideration the past 10 years for all coaches.  Coaches with less than 10 seasons are given generic scores to fill in the voids and coaches with less than 3 full seasons will not be given a score.   The scores of coaches who have left DIII Rupp will slowly decrease with each season as the scores are meant to represent their current dominance over the Rupp world.  It is technically possible to get a score higher than 100, but like the Starr Scores, only the greatest of coaches will ever have a shot at accomplishing that.  If you do not want to wait for your score, you can site mail me any time and I will plug in your team for you and give you your score, which will be accurate so long as its the only team you have played for in Rupp.  When all teams are plugged in, =SE will be able to give an accurate score no matter how many times you switch teams or leave and return to Rupp.

I've also made a Player Builder tool, not sure if I mentioned that in my last update.  That is already on the site and you can use it to make your own players or plug in the numbers for players on your teams.  This way, you can find out the scores for any of your DIII players (ranked or unranked) and in any world.

If you browse the website, you can see I've added a few things here and there, but it will need to be cleaned up in time.  For now, I just wanted to get a hard copy of my thoughts so I didn't forget anything or lose the info I'd need to do it.

Starr Scores now has a "Rookies" tab, so you can compare your freshman against the others.  The Starr Scores will be updated after game 20.