Coach scores have arrived in the world of Crum.  It comes as no surprise that JsaJsa leads all with an outstanding score; I wonder what that score would have looked like a few seasons ago!  I might make a tool for that :)

I fixed a a serious bug in the coach scores formula.  I wish I had seen it while I was doing all the legwork because the mistake cost me a lot of time repairing the damage.  It was giving NT championship winners less value than coaches who made the championship game and lost and even less than those who made the F4 and Elite 8.  It's been corrected.

The website has a new look, I hope it's to all of your liking.

1 - Update greatest players of all time
2 - add a coach score tool, possibly with the ability to view your score in seasons past.
3 - Create a Final 4 prediction formula at least for Rupp.  I might do Crum too as a test run.  So =SE will give a guess at the start of the season who it feels will be in the F4 at the end of season.

and more... but these will be the projects I work on next.