For starters, I noticed a problem with my Coach Scores formula.The worksheet was so big it needed to be spread over two workbooks and I had imported the end results from the first workbook into the second.  I realized later I should have imported further back because it left a possible glitch if a coach switched teams from one workbook into another, it would show as 2 coaches and both with only a few years under their belts.  This meant it would not show a Coach Score or give an inaccurate one in these situations.  It's fixed now :)

"D-Scores" is just the name I came up with for a defensive score assigned to each player.  The formula was much easier to make than the Starr Scores formula.  Part of it was because the scores have far few variables to worry about and part of it because I already had a template for the weights because of the SS formula.  It did need some minor tweaking for the D-Scores but didn't take too long, really.  I really hope you will all enjoy this new feature of =SE.  It's kind of fun to see a player with a 500+ Starr Score (who would otherwise go unnoticed) with a 90+ D-Score.

You can find the D-Scores with the rest of the rankings by clicking on the "Rankings" tab.