Hey guys I think it would be fun, in honor of Easter Sunday, to have an Easter egg hunt right here on this website.  Now why would you want to waste your time hunting for cyber eggs?  Fair question ;)  Well, why would you waste your time trying to win cyber basketball titles?  To be better than everyone else at it, of course :)  And also, I will buy a free season on WhatIfSports Hoops Dynasty to who ever finds the most!  I think this could really be a lot of fun and the eggs will show up at 9:00am Easter morning and remain up until the end of the Easter.   The rules are:

1 - Search the website to find the Easter Egg.
2 - When you find one, copy the # and message associated with it.
3 - Paste it to the Rupp forum started by rednu (the one we all talk on).
4 - collect a point for each one you find ;)

Happy Hunting!

Update: Tarvolon won the Easter egg hunt, finding 12 of the 20 eggs and collecting 17 points!  Others were playing too and had Tarvolon been just 5 minutes slower, we would have had a different champion, it was fun to watch!  Tarvolon wins the free season this time.