I made this page to keep track of the updates and formula fixes to the engine and website as we try to perfect this thing.  I'm hoping with all of your input, we can make this rating system dead on!  It's also a great way to get your feedback on the updates, as there should be an option to comment on these threads.  Let's start with what's new with the Starr Engine.

1 - tweaked the formula to give a more accurate guess as to starting line-ups (does not take into account the teams you are playing).  I still have to make another adjustment on it to make it so stamina plays no part in determining whether or not a player starts.  Right now it factors in, in a round-about way.  I plan to adjust that very soon.  In the end, I'm hoping Starr will propose line-ups very similar to what all of you great coaches might like for your team.

2 - I added a new SS (Starr Score) tool that allows for 25 entries at once (previous limit was 1).  It's designed so you can go into player ratings and copy everything you see and then paste it into the tool and get the results.  The option to do plug in your team through copy and paste will be available here too, very shortly.

3 -  Starr has brought in the GNE and OAC conferences, to add to N. Coast and University.  More conferences are planned to be added as Starr's formulas become more and more precise, if google sheets can handle it.

4 - Starr is now able to determine a suggested tempo for your team to run, based on the abilities of your reserve players in comparison with your starters, and of course also based on your team stamina rating.  Check it out :)

5 - This one's obvious but I added a blog page to the site so I can log the changes and get feedback.

For the near future:

1 - Here on the website I was planning to make it possible to view the entire Rupp tournament brackets, all on one page, that will take a little figuring out on my end.

2 - The forums are a great tool (especially in Rupp).  What about a chat room?  At first it may seem a chat room for WIS is a big waste of time because this is not the type of game where we are all investing massive amounts of our time.  I would guess most of us are 18+ with families, work, etc etc and chat rooms are not where we want to be spending our time.  That said, it's intended use would be more that of a forum, but the idea is any coach from any world could ask any question and if one of the elite coaches was online, could answer.  If no one was online right then, it would be the same as a forum, but if someone (or multiple people) were on, how awesome would it be to the newbie coach to be able to discuss in real time with one of the veteran coaches?   When I was new, I spent a lot of time searching the forums, trying to find and figure out how the game worked.  Being able to log on the chat and talk with a vet could really be a great tool for new coaches and because of all your knowledge, they'd probably look up to you too ;)  The vet coaches could also possibly gain by using it as a tool to share with each other.  It could become a great platform for all of us to discuss anomalies or thoughts about the game engine, in our spare time.  If every coach in each world checked it the same as they checked the forums, I think it could really be useful.  I also think it could be a fast way to give feedback about the site or mass e-mail all of the coaches.  What do you all think, honestly?  Waste of time?  Try it out?

3 - I still need to update the formula for the SS Tool to be consistent with the tweaked SS formula used by Starr.

4 -hoping to make some changes to the website for aesthetic purposes.