I've always thought it was a little tedious to have to click to see each bracket in the NT.  Now I can see them all at once by using the =SE brackets.  I plan to use this tool come tournament time to predict the winners of each game and the %'s and spreads for the games as well.  Lastly, the new tool also keeps a tally of all NT games played per conference; so this is a useful tool for anyone trying to figure out which conference brought in the most bonus cash.

This is currently only a DIII Rupp tool and only for the NT, though I will be working in the immediate future to include the PIT as well.  I'd like to and may also use this tool for Crum.  Records will be kept so coaches will be able to go back seasons and view the results.  Here's a link to DIII Rupp's NT results for season 73, to give you a better understanding of the tool's functionality:  Click Here