A while back, I had coded to take the highest IQ for each player for offense and defense.  Later on, I realized this would not always result in an accurate representation of a player's IQ, since some players (especially new ones) might have higher IQs in sets the team did not actually run.  I changed the formula to correct the mistake, but must have forgotten to correct it in the Player Builder Tool's "Quick Roster" tab.  It has now been corrected and so JUCOs and rookies should always display the correct IQs and Starr Scores.

This may seem like a minor issue, but it's likely to have a considerable effect on the Rookie Scores when they are updated today in the rankings.

Also, there's now a feature that allows viewing of the previous update's rankings.  This includes for: Starr Scores, Rookie Starr Scores, Team and Conference Scores, and D-Scores.  It is a little bit of work to have this feature as it needs to be done manually with copying and pasting for now.  I will either code in to have it automatically update with everything else or else I will eventually make it a "Beginning of Season Scores" feature.  In that case, we'd be able to compare current rankings against rankings at the start of season for players, teams and conferences.

Last, Coach Scores will be coming to Iba later today!  Thank you to all who voted :)