I added a "Records" tab to the website, which will keep track of the best teams from each season onward in Rupp and Crum.  If others submit a link to a team page of an awesome team in another world, I would be happy to log that information for other worlds as well.

This tab also keeps track of some of the greatest players of all time.  I can only really keep track of the Rupp players, myself, but with all of your suggestions we can keep growing the "greatest players of all time" list to include the other worlds as well.  Check out the page, you might be amazed at the ratings of some players who have passed through some DIII programs.

I am not sure if I mentioned this already, but the simulation tool takes much more into consideration now when suggesting tempos, including defense, the top 4 scorers, FT ratings, IQ ratings, stamina and team scores for both squads.  I hope some day to have a version available for the public, but for now if you want to see your team against another in any world, just send me the links and I will do it for you.  The formulas work perfectly, but Google can not always handle things properly and I have to manually correct it, which is something maybe not everyone would be able to do without breaking the formulas.  I believe Google Sheets will improve in time to become faster and more stable.

Jack_Duck and I discovered a flaw in the Starr Score rating system.  I had changed a formula to make the suggested positions more accurate.  This worked but also made it so that in some situations, a player with better ratings would receive a lower score (as the position would switch and is weighted differently).  I intend to fix this ASAP, though I am not sure if this will affect any of the current Starr Scores.  I have to admit, getting that darn Starr Score perfect has been a very difficult task for me.

The "Coach Score" formula is working and I have plugged in 3 conferences.  I ended up putting it on hold because real life was too busy.  I'm still hoping to finish this before season's end.  If you would like to know your score, please let me know.  Especially if I have not plugged you in yet, it would really light a fire under me, I could use some motivation since it's such tedious work.

If you have ideas or suggestions or would be interested in making changes to the website (be it cosmetics or functionality) please let me know.  Only if you want to though, this is a spare time sort of thing that should be fun for everyone in every way, including me :)

I do have a few other fun ideas rolling around in my head.  I will keep them to myself as I want to focus more on perfecting what we already have.  Once all of that is finished and proven, I'll move on to other things.