I've added a new tab to the "Player Builder" tool.  This tab allows you to plug in new recruits (or veteran players) and plug in where they are red, black, blue, high blue or unknown.  Rather than finding and putting in all of the ratings manually, there is a red box at the top where you can copy and paste the link to the player's rating page.  The ratings page is the first tab that pops up when clicking on a player link.  Here is an example of a link you would paste into the box:


Pasting this into the red box will load all of the ratings for you and give you the player's current Starr Score.  Based on the potentials you plug in, it will also give you the player's minimum "projected Starr Score."  In some cases, it's possible a player will not achieve the projected score before graduating (especially with a very low Work Ethic) but I think it should be a pretty good benchmark.  There's no way of knowing if those Black's are 8 points or 19 points and no way of knowing if the Blue High's are 27 or 50.  Because of this, in many cases a player with a WE over 40 (and the seasons to get there) will end up above the minimum projected Starr Score.  =SE estimates near the low end for each of the categories.  

Another feature to this tool that is only accurate for new recruits, is a "Recruit Rating."  It gives a letter grade to the recruit based on his ratings, potentials, Work Ethic and numbers of seasons to play(including redshirt or no redshirt).  The A+ and A ratings so far seem very difficult to achieve even, which is what I wanted.  This tool is in its BETA phase so any feedback would be MUCH appreciated.  

A minor update, I froze the first 5 rows of the rankings.  This makes it so even when you scroll down, you will always see the top 3 scores (and more importantly, the column above them).