1 - Adjusted Starr Score formula again for defense; weak defenders were collecting too few points under the old system.

2 - Adjusted team score formula to give less points to starters than the previous version.

3 - Adjusted the method in which team IQ is determined.  It used to convert each player's IQ into a number, retrieve the sum of the 12 players, divide by 12 (the number of players on your team), and then convert back into a letter.  The change takes effect as it converts back into a letter.  Essentially, it broadens the scale of IQs between teams, making it easier to see which team actually had the advantage in IQ.  Before, it would seem that the teams were even in IQ because they might both have "A-,A-" IQs for their teams.  In reality, one team might be slightly better and now can be seen as the other team might now only score a "B+,A-" while the other still pulls off a "A-,A-"  It is still an average of all 12 players, but the range has been stretched for more precision.

4 - I have included (temporarily) all of the elite 8 team scores, even if they have not been plugged in yet, on the "Rupp" tab where all other team scores are listed.  They can be located under the conference scores or you can click here.  

5 - The spreadsheets did not convert well into Excel so I am going to try to make it work in google sheets.  I think I can make do, though it will be a lot of extra work.  Google's system does not always seem stable, so we'll see how it goes.
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