Becket, marrying you was by the far the best decision I have ever made in my entire life (excluding choosing God as my Savior).  I still remember that first night, speaking and listening to you- it was clear to me you had a kind heart (and you were pretty!).  Our first kiss was so innocent and magical, one of the best feelings that I have experienced, maybe only losing out to when the Pistons beat the Lakers in 5 games.  Just kidding!

Becket I have always dreamed of my ideal family when I was a kid, but who would have thought I would grow up to live inside of that dream?  I am so so so thankful for the 4 children you have given me and that you tolerate the fact that my majority level is not much further advanced than theirs ;)  Growing up, I always imagined 5 kids, as you know... something to think about haha ;)  Becket you are a dream come true.  I could never say I deserve better than you, I could never hope for anything better than you and I don't want any woman but you- you were the one flower that captivated me.  My attention, which had always been divided between myself and my reflection- you managed to take it!  Everyone can see what a sweet and giving person you are, and while I will be presenting you before God someday... I sometimes wonder if you have already met him, because you are like an Angel to me.

I love you Becket and there are so many other things I want to say to you on your birthday but I had shred this link and who knows if anyone is watching so better not to annoy anyone with mushy stuff.  Happy Birthday, Becket Snow Cail.


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