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The "Player Builder" tool is currently not allowing access to anyone but me.  This is a problem on Google's end and is affecting many, many users who are sharing their documents.  Google is currently working to fix the issue but I will not be notified when it's fixed, so I'll just have to keep checking here and there.  

*EDIT*  I have discovered a workaround to this problem until it's fixed.  You can open the player builder tool and once the sign-in message eventually pops up, close it.  Then in the upper right corner of the screen you can click on the blue "Sign In" text.  This should allow you to edit again.  However for me every time I made a change, I would have to refresh the page after and click on "Sign In" again to see it displayed properly.

Also, the Hall of Fame has been updated with new players.  The formula has changed a bit to factor in more for stamina.  Some scores were decreased as a result and others lowered enough to lose eligibility for the HoF.  I plan to adjust the formulas again at some point in the future to give more weight to big men.  In the current formula, I personally feel it takes more for a PF or C to break the 100 SS.  If you have a player you think can hold his own against the other Hall of Famers, send me a site mail with the link to your player.  I'd be more than happy to give you the player's Starr Score and if eligible, place him in the HoF.

Coach Scores for Crum have been updated.

Number of DIII coaches at the end of last season:

Iba: 110   -14

Rupp: 119   -3

Crum: 108   -8

Wooden: 123   -1

Try the DIII Player Builder tool.  It now includes the "Starr Watch" feature!


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