MVPotN Game 11

Season 72 - Game 11
S. JonesHardin-SimmonsASC92 / 20 / 01 / 226010025W (47-101)Normal-Up
T. AndrewsSusquehannaCC234 / 80 / 05 / 64102301013W (42-90)Normal-Up
B. LujanVassarEmpire 8266 / 124 / 91 / 1048200317W (104-49)Up-Up
J. SuttonVassarEmpire 8268 / 120 / 01 / 1290202217W (104-49)Up-Up
A. McCaffreeEmersonGreat NE246 / 100 / 04 / 6140210216W (45-69)Normal-Up
C. StephensEmersonGreat NE214 / 60 / 01 / 404101139W (45-69)Normal-Up
J. MikkelsonRivierGreat NE256 / 100 / 06 / 65110022018W (76-50)Slow-NormalJ. Mikkelson
R. CherryFitchburg St.Little E.253 / 112 / 81 / 124130039L (61-67)Normal-Normal
R. ChristiansonCalvinMichigan255 / 104 / 73 / 4241120217W (52-81)Normal-Normal
Norman GriffithWittenbergN. Coast195 / 100 / 05 / 8121211115W (71-69)Normal-Slow
Joshua WallaceAlleghenyN. Coast3312 / 2511 / 241 / 4012220036W (88-55)Normal-NormalJ. Wallace
John WhiteWabashN. Coast265 / 101 / 26 / 6390210517L (44-65)Normal-Normal
M. WollLynchburgODAC237 / 122 / 47 / 8480520223W (85-68)Normal-Normal
D. ZipkinCentenarySkyline3212 180 / 012/13261111236W (52-79)Normal-Normal*D. Zipkin*
R. SohnTrinity (TX)University295 / 110 / 03 / 5132310513L (64-75)Slow-Normal
Guy WilsonHendrixUniversity234 / 70 / 01 / 3413210009L (79-67)Slow-Up
Some incredibly wide margins of victory for game 11. Hardin-Simmons beats the Sim by 54 points (I will be removing S. Jones from the list after this game because he has not started all season), Susquehanna wins by 48 and Vassar had perhaps the most impressive win last night playing away against a veteran human coach, winning by a 55 point margin. Both Lujan and Sutton performed solidly for Vassar and it's tough to rate which was better. If I had to give it to one of them, I guess I would lean towards Lujan (4 rebounds and 8 assists is pretty impressive) but the game gives it to Sutton, probably because of the magnificent shooting % and solid rebounding performance. Emerson scored a pretty impressive home win against the great coach, Rednu and his team. McCaffree and Stephens both shot impressive percentages from the field. J. Mikkelson of Rivier really impressed me last night with his 18 points on 6/10 shooting (perfect 6/6 from the line) and 11 rebounds running a slowdown offense. Pair that with 2 steals, 2 blocks, and no turnovers or fouls and I think he's a definite candidate for MVP of game 11. Certainly any time a player scores 30+ points on good shooting, you can consider that a great game. Last night, we had two of our candidates both score 36- my Joshua Wallace of Allegheny and D. Zipkin of Centenary. Both players led their teams to victory against good sims. Both played at home, Allegheny's matchup was probably the more difficult of the two, playing the then 9-1 Oberlin consisting of 12 upperclassmen. Even so, I got to give the edge to Zipkin since he did more than just score and was clutch from the line. My pick for last night's MVP is Donald Zipkin of Centenary, and my runner-ups are Wallace and Mikkelson, who I feel both had fantastic games as well. Also wanted to mention Woll (Lynchburg), who played a great game. If anyone has a player to replace S. Jones, let me know. So, how would you rank them for last night?
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