MVPotN Game 12


Season 72 - Game 12
T. AndrewsSusquehannaCC197 / 120 / 06 / 92110104220W (96-57)Up-Normal
B. LujanVassarEmpire 82311/2010/180 / 0141300532W (66-96)Up-Up*B. Lujan*
J. SuttonVassarEmpire 8296 / 120 / 03 / 53131341415W (66-96)Up-Up
A. McCaffreeEmersonGreat NE326 / 130 / 06 / 9151310018L (65-73)Up-Slow
C. StephensEmersonGreat NE255 / 80 / 02 / 4380210412L (65-73)Up-Slow
J. MikkelsonRivierGreat NE325 / 90 / 03 / 63120302213W (46-55)Slow-SlowJ. Mikkelson
R. CherryFitchburg St.Little E.348 / 122 / 31 / 4132100319W (64-71)Normal-Normal
R. ChristiansonCalvinMichigan275 / 105 / 91 / 4036330216W (56-80)Normal-Normal
Norman GriffithWittenbergN. Coast222 / 60 / 07 / 8351210111W (73-65)Normal-Slow
Joshua WallaceAlleghenyN. Coast385 / 133 / 71 / 2243310214W (54-56)Normal-Slow
John WhiteWabashN. Coast2710 / 180 / 010/12260302130W (76-48)Up-NormalJohn White
M. WollLynchburgODAC00 / 00 / 00 / 000000000OFF---
D. ZipkinCentenarySkyline3611 / 230 / 07 / 8270312429W (97-88)Normal-Normal
R. SohnTrinity (TX)University325 / 130 / 04 / 4241220514W (72-69)Normal-Normal
Guy WilsonHendrixUniversity162 / 60 / 01 / 103010155W (71-64)Up-Normal

I'll start with Guy Wilson from Hendrix. He himself did not put up any impressive stats for last night, but maybe there was reason for that as Hendrix won a very difficult away game against BrianXavier's Millsaps team. I don't envy Carson, I like to stay as far away from Millsaps as possible. :) Also from the University conference, BobMeyer's Robert Sohn followed suit with a subpar performance and eventually fouling out near the end of regulation. But like Hendrix, Trinity picked up an away win proving the long-standing rule that there's no "I" in "TEAM." Moving to the Skyline conference, PDub's Donald Zipkin scored an impressive 29 points in an OT home win against the SIM controlled Yeshiva. Even so, the real hero was Walter Schade (not on our list), 31 points on 11-22 shooting WITH some 3's added into the mix. Add 8 rebounds to that (he's a SF btw) and I'd say that's one heck of a game. Goog's M. Woll of Lynchburg had an off day. John White of Wabash destroyer the now 0-12 Thiel home team. Just see for yourself in the stats :) PlatoIsek's #1 ranked Grove City came to pay Joshua Wallace a visit. Allegheny was just able to squeeze by with the W- nothing outstanding about Joshua Wallace's performance save maybe the fact he's the first player mentioned thus far from the list to have attempted and scored a 3. Grove City's loss marks the end to their perfect season run. Speaking of undefeated teams, Darnoc's Wittenberg is now 12-0 after their victory over Wooster home team. Nothing remarkable about Norman Griffith's performance, though I have noticed that Wittenberg plays like the Pistons of old, everyone plays their parts excellently like a well-oiled machine. Christianson of Calvin put up solid numbers in the home win against the SIM controlled Alma. Fitchburg St. Played home against Bridgewater St. and Robert Cherry helped secure the win with an efficient offensive performance. He was a good find by Letchkins. On to the Great NE, we'll start with Rivier's Joseph Mikkelson. Considering both teams ran a slow tempo, I'd say his double-double is very impressive and he brought down half the team's rebounds. Also, factor in the difficulty of the conference, I'd say Jack_Duck was happy with Mikkelson's performance last night. Emerson suffer's their first loss of the season (as well as our first loss of the night). Playing on Emmanuel's home court, McCaffree and Stephens certainly did not play badly- it just wasn't enough against bananajacobs offense. Vassar won their home game against the human controlled Utica by a 30 point margin. Sutton's numbers are pretty impressive, though both teams ran uptempo so that must be taken into consideration. Even so, whatever tempo you run, shooting over 50% on 10/18 from three-point land is an amazing feat. And Bobby Lujan did just that- 32 points in only 23 minutes of play! Our last player of the night, Zeuspole's Tommy Andrews of Susquehanna only played 19 minutes last night. That said, that was all he needed to put up 20 points and rip down 11 boards in the decisive win against a SIM. Great night overall for the MVP candidates, with only one of their teams losing last night. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ All things considered, I think I'd give the MVP to Lujan for tonight, his numbers and percentages impressed me and against a human controlled team. John White of Wabash could have just as easily won it, but I wanted to pick only one so pretty much a coin flip. I would have liked to see White pull down a few more rebounds considering the pace of the game. Then again, he did remarkably better in the "fouls" department. A very tough choice for me. And for my third pick, I would go with Mikkelson. His numbers might not seem all too impressive at first, but again considering the pace of the game, I think that changes things dramatically. But how would you rank them?

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