MVPotN Game 14

Season 72 - Game 14
Tommy AndrewsSusquehannaCC239 / 160 / 06 / 71101111324W (61-96)Normal-UpTommy Andrews
Bobby LujanVassarEmpire 8246 / 135 / 111 / 2003110118W (59-93)Normal-Up
Melvin RiddlesN. Carolina WesleyanUSA South239 / 180 / 05 / 73111213223W (90-63)Normal-Normal
Arthur McCaffreeEmersonGreat NE286 / 80 / 05 / 5364220017W (76-60)Up-Slow
Clyde StephensEmersonGreat NE179 / 160 / 04 / 8350000322W (76-60)Up-Slow
Joseph MikkelsonRivierGreat NE242 / 60 / 04 / 8311020328W (57-65)Normal-Normal
Robert CherryFitchburg St.Little E.243 / 60 / 21 / 224222047W (72-60)Normal-Normal
Rickey ChristiansonCalvinMichigan253 / 53 / 52 / 2024250011W (51-82)Normal-Normal
Norman GriffithWittenbergN. Coast222 / 60 / 02 / 314021006W (80-43)Normal-Normal
Joshua WallaceAlleghenyN. Coast3514-2911/232 / 2334320241W (58-80)Slow-Up*J. Wallace*
John WhiteWabashN. Coast286 / 121 / 33 / 4390101216W (71-79)Up-Normal
Michael WollLynchburgODAC283 / 80 / 03 / 514040039W (54-65)Normal-Slow
Donald ZipkinCentenarySkyline309 / 160 / 013/15380101031W (79-73)Normal-SlowDonald Zipkin
Robert SohnTrinity (TX)University296 / 100 / 05 / 7150312117W (52-63)Normal-Slow
Guy WilsonHendrixUniversity292 / 40 / 02 / 2311341146W (73-59)Normal-Up

We'll begin with Guy Wilson and work our way up the list as usual. Carson and his team faced off against Madpod's Sewanee team on their homecourt. At first glance, Guy Wilson's performance may not seem very impressive, other than that he tore down 11 rebounds for his team (to lead both teams in that department for the game). But what if I told you he's a SF? Impressive, right? Now, what if I told you he actually brought down those 11 boards while playing PG? That's a first for me to see any guard with double-figure rebounding in a game. In the same conference, Trinity stayed home to take on the very talented: Ozarks. Neither Robert Sohn nor Robert Quinto (a player I am considering as a postential candidate in the days to come) disappointed, both contributing with some impressive percentages. Also a notable from that game was one of their back-up big men pulling down 15 rebounds in just 23 minutes of play. Another spectacular offensive performance from pdub's Donald Zipkin. And to think, he was almost on my team :) First, I want you all to look at the pace of the game (normal-slow). Now check out his points. Yeah that's not a typo, he scored 31 points on 9/16 from the field and just as impressive from the free-throw line. Combine that with 8 rebounds, factoring in the tempo and I think we have a clear candidate for MVPotN in the running. Michael Woll didn't do much offensively in their home win against the ranked Emory and Henry, but he did hold his own defensively. Perhaps I should speak to googs, because I actually like his Ralph Kim player more as a candidate. Really, both players are terrific.

On to the N. Coast, Wabash upset Wooster on their court. Conference play has been quite unfriendly thus far for Pseudochamp, but at least he should get an easy win tonight. There was nothing standoutish about John White's performance in any category; he simply just played well. Now we come to Joshua Wallace, who definitely was on the mark last night. I was hoping there might be a clear mismatch at the SG position and to take advantage. Unfortunately he did what I would have done and started a defensively good back-up guard. Lucky for me, Wallace wasn't affected by it. He also held his opponent to 2/10 from the field. Another notable from that game was my PG, Perry Wilson, who makes Wallace a much better player. Wilson had 15 assists in that game, a personal record for one of my players. Last from the N. Coast, Norman Griffith's performance was decent as usual in the away win, but he'd probably rather me use this section to mention Wittenberg was a 99 point favorite in that game! Calvin's M. Christianson put up 11 points in the easy win over Albion. Probably more impressive in that game for Calvin was Ralph Ward on 7/9 and 17 points. Robert Cherry has been a player to watch, frequenting my top 3 picks more than once. But in last night's win, letchkins told him to hold back and give his teammates a chance to shine. And shine they did :)

In the GNE, it was a bit of an off night for Rivier's Mikkelson, but at least they were able to get the win against a great coach. That brings them to 13-1 on the season. Emerson's two superstars did not disappoint in their impressive away win to bring them to 12-1. With the riddler's permission, I have exchanged Joseph Sutton for Melvin Riddles of N. Carolina Wesleyan in an effort to spread into more teams. Melvin Riddles performed well in their away win, both offensively and defensively as you can see by the stats. It's a tough conference though it should be noted that game was against a SIM. Next, Vassar's Bobby Lujan has been impressive so far, but how did he perform last night? Well... the PG did quite well as usual and what is fun is that the SG had a nearly identical performance, statistically. BUT! The real star of that game was Bobby Sutton, whom I JUST removed from the list. Sutton went 10-15 on 25 points, 10 boards, 3 steals and 2 blocks, 0 turnovers and 0 fouls. Am I kicking myself? Just a little, yeah. Vassar has been crushing teams all season long and they don't seem to care much if it's SIM or human controlled. Another impressive performance by Tommy Andrews in their win, the guy can rebound. I'd say he might be a candidate for the MVPotN. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________Okay, time to rank them. I think I have to pick my very own Joshua Wallace for this one. I don't see 40+ games very often, even from the inexperienced coaches that set player distributions too high to inflate stats. No, I am not referring to myself here, thank you very much. :D My #2 is Donald Zipkin. And I definitely would have given #3 to Sutton from Vassar if he were still on the list. Since he's gone, the decision becomes more difficult. Melvin Riddles and Tommy Andrews had very similar performances, both in 23 minutes of play. I think I have to give #3 to Tommy Andrews this time. Those are my top three choices for MVPotN, but how would you pick them?
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