MVPotN Game 15

 Season 72 - Game 15


Tommy AndrewsSusquehannaCC
Bobby LujanVassarEmpire 8
Arthur McCaffreeEmersonGreat NE
Clyde StephensEmersonGreat NE
Joseph MikkelsonRivierGreat NE
Robert CherryFitchburg St.Little E.
Rickey ChristiansenCalvinMichigan
Steven RewakowskiWittenbergN. Coast
Joshua WallaceAlleghenyN. Coast
John WhyteWabashN. Coast
Michael WollLynchburgODAC
Donald ZipkinCentenarySkyline
Robert SohnTrinity (TX)University
Robert QuintoTrinity (TX)University
Melvin RiddlesN. Carolina WesleyanUSA South

258 / 120 / 06 / 7210130022265-87Normal-UpT. Andrews
237 / 135 / 105 / 600341022488-62Up-Normal
3613 / 290 / 014/1615051024070-72 (OT)Slow-UpA. McCaffree
325 / 80 / 13 / 4412110031370-72 (OT)Slow-Up
317 / 140 / 04 / 518020121869-53Normal-Slow
244 / 91 / 31 / 313420001047-86Normal-Normal
295 / 135 / 112 / 213421011755-69Normal-Normal
247 / 80 / 04 / 6210122411851-89Up-Normal*S. Rewakowski*
337 / 176 / 150 / 014311002070-57Normal-Slow
247 / 180 / 54 / 526020031859-70Normal-Normal
247 / 110 / 05 / 614413121990-73Normal-Normal
3111/180 / 06 / 827041232859-67Normal-Normal
347 / 130 / 07 / 9312121112170-66 (OT)Slow-Up
409 / 247 / 184 / 601220012970-66 (OT)Slow-Up
277 / 110 / 05 / 715110131970-95Normal-Normal

 I've decided to dedicate a website to the MVPotN.  This is the Rupp forum after all, right?  I hope it's to all of your liking.  Game scores in green indicate a win for the player's team and of course the red indicates a loss.  Now you can click on each player's name to bring up their information, as well as the team if you'd like to check the game logs.  Let's begin...

Melvin Riddles is one of the newer additions to the list.  He certainly did not play poorly last night but it was not enough to overcome the overwhelming #1 ranked and undefeated Piedmont at their court.  Piedmont scored 95 points on Normal-Normal tempos!  Riddles couldn't stop his opponent defensively and because of the loss, won't be a candidate for the night.  Now in the University conference two teams with MVP candidates faced off- and what a game it was!  Trinity took the bus to Hendrix where both teams tried to control the pace of the game.   Trinity seemingly about to win (up by 3 with 6 seconds left), Hendrix hit a huge 3 to bring it into OT.  Unfortunately for Hendrix, Trinity stepped up in OT and took home the W.  And to add insult to injury, it's the same game I replaced Guy Wilson from Hendrix with Robert Quinto from Trinity.  Sorry, Carson :(  And while speaking of Guy Wilson, I'd like to note he held his opponent to 0 points on 0-2.  As for Wilson's replacement, Quinto, you can see he collected some points on okay shooting.  What impressed me is that he was double-teamed the entire game by a ranked team and still put up 29 points.  Also interesting, Robert Quinto comes off the bench each game (you might not know it since he played 40 minutes last night).   As for the other Robert, Robert Sohn, I actually think he had the better game of the two players, and leading the game in rebounds.

Donald Zipkin may not play in such a difficult conference as University, but that doesn't mean every game is a cinch.  Last night Centenary played away and won  against the #15 ranked Mount St. Mary.  Donald Zipkin still impressed, putting up big numbers on normal tempos, outscoring his opponent nearly 3 to 1.  I believe Zipkin is #2 in the rankings for PPG.   Lynchburg has two players I love.  The unlisted one is Ralph Kim and he is a great scorer and good defender.  From a ratings standpoint, I think he beats Michael Woll (the listed one) but Woll is the more balanced player from a stastitical standpoint.  At least one of them deserves to be on this list and I will leave it to googs to decide if he wants to switch out Woll for Kim.  As for the game, they won :)  Next is John Whyte.  Whyte struggled as Wabash fell short on Earlham's court.  Joshua Wallace had a bit of an off game as well, going 7-17 from the field.  Luckily his teammates picked up the slack and Allegheny managed to get the win against an easier Kenyon team in the beginning of their rebuild.  Last from the N. Coast and in an effort to stick it to Darnoc, I switched out Norman Griffith and replaced him with the much more difficult to spell, Steven Rewakowski (Pseudochamp will be proud of me).  Norman Griffith actually had a good game last night, but Rewakowski has been putting up better numbers this season for the undefeated Wittenberg.  And if you check, I think he did in this game as well, shooting nearly perfect from the field, 10 boards, 2 steals and 4 blocks in 24 minutes of play.  And while Griffith didn't do much defensively last night, Rewakowski held his opponent scoreless.  MVPotN quality stuff right there.

Calvin won at home against the human controlled Kalamazoo (such a fun word).  Rickey Christiansen is one of the more consistent players on this list and last night was no exception.  His performance was very Christiansenesque, so to speak. ;)  He's not known for his defense but last night his opponent scored 0 on 0-2. Fitchburg St. had no trouble at all against Massachusetts Liberal Arts (a team name that Pseudochamp sarcastically declared, "strikes fear into their opponents"), though Cherry didn't do much on offense, ending with 10 points.  He did hold his opponent to 1-4 shooting.  Let's hop over to the GNE.  Rivier visited Newbury.  Jack_Duck's Mikkelson played respectably with 18 points to finish against Dinosaur's squad.  Looking at Dinosaur's history for Newbury suggests he may have gone extinct.  I asked cowboytrout who he'd rather me represent: Stephens or McCaffree.  Turns out he wasn't even aware of any of this beforehand but he did suggest McCaffree if he had to choose.  I studied both of them and just couldn't pull the trigger to replace Stephens because he is just too good; they both are.  So Emerson will still have two players represented and now Trinity joins as well.  As for their performances, they both played like garbage!  Just kidding, though the game itself was a battle.  Clyde Stephens was in good form with his 5-8 shooting towards his 13 points to go with 12 rebounds.  McCaffree could not quite find his rhythm but even so managed to put up 40 points on the night (remarkable shooting from the line).  Suffolk is lucky McCaffree wasn't on, or he might've put up 60.  The 5 turnovers and relatively poor shooting % might hurt his chances though for the MVPotN.  

Bobby Lujan did not score quite as high but still an impressive 24 points and on 5-10 from three-point territory against a SIM school.   On the other end, he held his opponent to 2 points on 1-6.  Not too shabby!  And last but not least is Tommy Andrews.  Susquehanna's only conference loss had come at the hands of Pittsburgh, Bradford but Pittsburgh, Greenburg would not be so lucky.  Tommy Andrews could not wait to get to it and ended with 22 points, 10 boards on 8-12 shooting.  He held his opponent to 8 points and sent Pittsburgh, Greenburg running back home with their tails between their legs.


Now, let's rank them.  I have to rank Rewakoswki first because he was just so darn efficient out there.  7/8 from the field, 18 points, 10 boards, 2 steals, 4 blocks and did I mention his opponent was scoreless?  Had Centenary pulled out the win, I think I would have selected Zipkin for 2nd place.  As things stand, I am going to give McCaffree the 2nd place honors.  Even if his % was lower than we'd like to see, he did put up 40 against a human coached team and that's impressive.  For third, Woll was close with his 4 assists and 3 steals but I have to give it to Tommy Andrews.  Both players went up against SIMs and I was just a little more impressed by Andrews in his game.  Those are my picks, but how would you pick them?

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