MVPotN Game 16


Season 72 - Game 16
Tommy AndrewsSusquehannaCC249-160-010-1016031212871-84Normal-Up
Bobby LujanVassarEmpire 8213-72-47-8237210115117-63Up-Normal
Arthur McCaffreeEmersonGreat NE184-70-02-205020031090-79Up-Normal
Clyde StephensEmersonGreat NE104-50-01-22302114990-79Up-Normal
Joseph MikkelsonRivierGreat NE265-80-03-339202201381-56Normal-Normal
Robert CherryFitchburg St.Little E.225-102-50-002221121288-52Normal-Normal
Rickey ChristiansonCalvinMichigan288-166-100-002130012283-59Normal-NormalR. Christiansen
Steven RewakowskiWittenbergN. Coast278-130-05-5210010212159-89Normal-NormalS. Rewakowski
Joshua WallaceAlleghenyN. Coast3411-208-164-400736013490-60Up-Up*J. Wallace*
John WhiteWabashN. Coast305-140-03-6210010111375-68Normal-Normal
Michael WollLynchburgODAC297-150-03-4212222011791-53Normal-Normal
Donald ZipkinCentenarySkyline328-140-04-729000222081-69Normal-Normal
Robert SohnTrinity (TX)University175-110-01-333110141168-78Normal-Normal
Robert QuintoTrinity (TX)University3611-287-211-314061033068-78Normal-Normal
Melvin RiddlesN. Carolina WesleyanUSA South2810-180-011-1435261103181-88Normal-Normal

 There was not a single slowdown run for any of the games last night, from either side. Today I'm going to change things up a little and start with Tommy Andrews, at the top of the list. Playing at home against a SIM, Andrews had no trouble and went 10/10 from the line. Great performance as usual from a great player. Vassar travelled to Union and had no trouble against the SIM team. Bobby Lujan ended with 7 assists and I urge you all to check out the box score because somewhere Vassar must have broken a record... or maybe 5. Their SF brought down 12 of the team's 50 rebounds. Yeah... 50! Vassar had 28 assists, scored 117 points (nearly double their opponent) and 7 of their players scored in double-digits. If I was going by teams, I would give Vassar team MVP of the night. Emerson played away against the ranked Johnson and Wales. Both McCaffree and Stephens seemed as if they could have had great games both offensively and defensively; however they just could not stay out of foul trouble and spent a lot of the game on the bench. It will take them out of the running for last night's MVPotN but I doubt cowboytrout will care very much. He's probably happy enough to get the away win against the legendary Spasticity. Playing away against the SIM, St. Joseph's, Mikkelson led his team to an easy W. His performance may not be standoutish at first glance, but look again and you'll see he had 9 rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks on normal tempos. Good percentages, no fouls or turnovers, held his opponent to 1-4... I'd say that's a pretty good game right there.

Robert Cherry played his part in the decisive win for Fitchburg St- a great offensive performance for the squad. Not to be outdone, Christiansen of Calvin followed suit and shot lights out against their SIM. He shot 60% from 3-pt land on 6-10. Now it's nice to have a player who can shoot 60%+ from behind the arc, but how about having an entire team that can do it? Calvin does... just check out the box score ;) On to the N. Coast, our first player is Steven Rewakowski of Wittenberg He replaced Norman Griffth of the same team yesterday and it was the right move as he immediately won the MVPotN. But how did he fare last night? The answer is "very good." Wittenberg played home against the rebuilding Hiram Squad (I should mention Pepwaves is coaching Hiram) and as of now still remains undefeated on the season. Holding his opponent to 2 points, Rewakowski himself ended with 10 rebounds, 2 blocks and 21 points on great shooting. As good as he was, all anyone could think about was what a silly name "Rewakowski" is. Even so, Rewakowski put up MVPotN numbers again last night. If you want to see more impressive numbers though, just have a look at Joshua Wallace from Allegheny. I think EzekialStarr coaches that team ;) Playing against the human controlled Denison on their home court, it was uptempo vs. uptempo and uptempo won :) Because of the pace, it takes away from his performance but he's the clear favorite for MVPotN anyway. 8-16 from 3 on 34 points, perfect from the line, 7 assists, 6 steals and he foulded out both the starting and backup guards (who had a combined 2 points) assigned to him. Perry Wilson had 7 assists as well . Last from the N. Coast conference, John Whyte was off for Wabash on both ends of the court but at least Wabash got the away win and Whyte did pull down some important rebounds for them.

If you check out Lynchburg's box score, they had a number of players who dominated offensively. Ralph Kim put up good numbers as usual, though he's still not on the list. As for Michael Woll, he played okay defensively and with 2 steals. Offensively, he also was decent and ending with 17 points, but what really stood out to me was his 12 rebounds at the SF position. That's pretty incredible. One thing you can count on about Donald Zipkin is that he will put up some good numbers. After the previous game's loss, Zipkin went 8-14 on 20 points and 9 boards to assure last night's W. He did a great job stopping his opponent on the other end as well. I'd say the performance qualifies as one who will be considered for the MVPotN since he played away against the SIM team. As for Quinto and Sohn at Trinity, they took the bus to Sewenee where they matched up against MadPad78's players. Trinity's been having an excellent season but as they play in the University conference, losses are bound to happen. Last night was one of those nights for Trinity as their two superstars just couldn't seem to get the ball rolling, though the attempts were there. Robert Quinto is the only MVP candidate who comes off the bench. If you check the stats, you can see why; he's like 4th in the league in scoring. The last player on the list, Melvin Riddles, had a spectacular game! Let's see if it's enough for a rank. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
It's time to pick'em. I think the clear winner for game 16 is Joshua Wallace. I was very impressed with his stats. My choice for second is Rewakowski and for me that seems a pretty easy decision. As for third, I have to go with Rickey Christiansen over Donald Zipkin or Tommy Andrews. Christiansen really only knows how to score... but boy does he know how to score! Hard call for me but I'm giving third to Rickey for last night. Those are my picks, but how would you pick them?

*Update* Riddles stats were added in after the fact for this game and based on his performance, I probably would have selected him for third place.
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