MVPotN Game 17


Season 72 - Game 16
Tommy AndrewsSusquehannaCC2211-180-03-7313131002571-84Normal-UpTommy Andrews
Bobby LujanVassarEmpire 82414-219-162-212222023972-108Up-Up*Bobby Lujan*
Arthur McCaffreeEmersonGreat NE259-150-08-803021222680-47Up-Normal
Clyde StephensEmersonGreat NE238-130-06-815011022280-47Up-Normal
Joseph MikkelsonRivierGreat NE193-70-03-34620105968-59Slow-Normal
Robert CherryFitchburg St.Little E.326-103-64-503710021977-61Normal-Normal
Rickey ChristiansonCalvinMichigan133-53-50-10232203980-38Normal-Normal
Steven RewakowskiWittenbergN. Coast332-60-04-63913021876-75 (OT)Normal-Normal
Joshua WallaceAlleghenyN. Coast339-177-156-802141003150-73Normal-Normal*J. Wallace*
John WhiteWabashN. Coast245-141-33-513022041476-75 (OT)Normal-Normal
Michael WollLynchburgODAC307-110-06-617322012062-82Normal-Normal
Donald ZipkinCentenarySkyline3414-250-06-802132023475-68Normal-Normal
Robert SohnTrinity (TX)University318-180-14-535030022070-59Normal-Slow
Robert QuintoTrinity (TX)University368-206-150-000031012270-59Normal-Slow
Melvin RiddlesN. Carolina WesleyanUSA South3012-220-07-926052113162-77Normal-Normal

Last night yield some impressive stats. Today we'll begin with Melvin Riddles, one of the newer additions to the list. His team lost last night to getiguy's terrific squad and its a shame because he had a great game even with the 5 turnovers. I wanted to point out that I had listed Riddles as having an off day for the previous game, but that was a mistake (one of two mistakes, in fact). Yesterday I must have been tired and if I had scrolled down I would have seen there was one more game log. If any of you ever notice a mistake, please point it out to me somewhere. I want these to be accurate. I will be making the changes- and looking over his stats for game 16, they were really incredible. But today his team lost, so he won't be considered. It's the same for Bobmeyer's two players, Robert and Robert ;) Trinity has a very tough conference schedule and the two struggled a bit last night. Donald Zipkin is the #1 leader in Rupp for scoring this season. There is one player above him who I don't count for obvious reasons. The guy wasn't able to do much on the boards last night and his opponent went 5-7 from the field on 14 points, but 34 points on 56% shooting is a bold statement and can stand on its own. Not unexpectedly, he's one to consider. In the ODAC, Michael Woll was on the money last night, performing respectably in some of the other categories as well. He didn't do so great defensively, but Lynchburg's Center picked up the slack with 6 steals! 

From the N. Coast, John Whyte and Steven Rewakowski actually faced off last night- both playing the PF positions. Wittenberg remains undefeated after the game, Wabash did not give up without a fight, bringing the game into OT. It was anyone's game right until the buzzer sounded. As for the two MVP candidates, they both stepped up defensively and took each other out of the game. So that just leaves Joshua Wallace from the N. Coast. Last night's winnder of the MVPotN, he apparently did not want to disappoint and had another remarkable performance. Shooting about 47% from 3 and 34 points for the normal tempos run is good and he impressed further at the other end, holding his young opponent to 2-7 shooting. 4 TO is not terrible against a pressinf team considering his off. %, but I am not sure whether or not his performance was enough for the MVPotN, who knows. Watch out for his performance tonight. I've been decreasing his distribution a little each night for the past few games but he just keeps shooting so tonight I'll give him what he wants. Allegheny is playing a SIM that runs a 2-3 zone and even if I lose for it, I'll be testing Wallace's boundaries in that game with a 100% distribution. If I lose, a player offered to give me $5 so that'll cushion the blow. On to the Michigan conference where Calvin manhandled Adrian on their own court. When the game was over, I am sure the Adrian coach would have had some questions as to how his team could have lost, 80-38, to which prc56 would have replied, "I put a Spell on you." Fred Spell, to be precise; 7/8 from the floor and just as impressive defensively. In the Little E. (who may some day petition to be called the 'Vertically Challenged E.'), Robert Cherry was playing in fine form. 19 points, great shooting and 7 assists... can't complain about that! The best part for letchkins was that Cherry's stellar performance was only the second best on his team last night. With a 97 PER / 77 BH rating, Robert Poss (not on the list) is no stranger to scoring. Last night he was on the mark, going 7-10 from behind the arc on 24 points. He held his opponent to 4-13 while racking up 6 assists and 3 steals. Too bad he's not on the list, that's definitely an MVPotN type performance and I just had to mention it.

Entering the GNE, Mikkelson wasn't able to do much in River's loss to South Vermont, but at Emerson, McCaffree and Stephens were feeling good. Considering their positions (PF and C, respectively), it would have been nice if they'd pulled down a few more rebounds. Nevertheless, these two make quite the dynamic duo, and Emerson had no trouble crushing the SIM by 33 points. On the "up and up," Vassar crushed the St. John Fisher team in rwright's first year of a rebuild, 108-72. Lujan impressed from both ends of the floor, but clearly his offensive game was exemplary with +50% from 3 and 14-21 shooting on 39 points! 2 for 2 from the line, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 2 steals.. heck even 2 turnovers and 2 fouls. And here I had thought Lujan's favorite # was 3, go figure. :) Naturally, he'll be one of the favorites for last night's MVPotN. Last and still not least is Susquehanna's Tommy Andrews. 25 points and 13 rebounds on great shooting speaks for itself. When you compare his stats with his opponents, you can't help but wonder if Juniata is in fact a school for the physically challenged. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
It's time to pick'em. I can see 5 players with standoutish performances (and wins): Wallace (Home, 150 rpi, Pepwaves), Zipkin (Home, 223 rpi SIM), Andrews (Home, 121 rpi SIM), Cherry (Away, 258 rpi SIM) and Lujan (Home, 192 rpi rwright). Pretty easy games for all 5 considered. Despite the fast pace of the game, there is no denying that Lujan dominated the game in its entirety and I am giving MVPotN for game 17 to him. Feel free to congratulate theriddler! I am giving 2nd place to Tommy Andrews, pretty impressed by his double-double against a decent SIM. Joshua Wallace and Donald Zipkin were right there with Andrews though and having to choose between Zipkin and Wallace (the #1 and #2 scorers in the league), I have to say Wallace has the edge since he played a better rpi and a human. So, I will give third place to Joshua Wallace by a hair. Last night was filled with some awesome performances and I can't wait to see what tomorrow brings. Those were my picks,, but how would you pick them?
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