Race A -   | Entry Fee: $100 |  Payout: 1st = $1,000, 2nd = $700, 3rd = $500, 4th = $400, 5th = $300, 6th = $200, 7th = $100, $8th-12th = $0

Bet on this Race (bets open from 5:oopm - 10:59pm EST)     -     Enter A Horse In This Race  (Horses may be entered from 11:05pm - 4:59pm EST)

     Gate 1 - Gold Digger

     Gate 2 - Early Christmas

     Gate 3 - Ima Horse

     Gate 4 - Mr. Giggles

     Gate 5 - With Fury

     Gate 6 - In Stride

    Gate 7 - When I Was Young

     Gate 8 - War Strong

     Gate 9 - Open

     Gate 10 - Open

     Gate 11 - Open

     Gate 12 - Open

 of course there would be many more races, depending on how many human players actually played our game, but I think it would be cool to be able to filter races by rank (A rank, B rank, C, rank and D rank).  When everything is up and running, I would like to see at least 5 races per rank.

As you can see you can enter a horse in a race and/or bet on the race.  Entering horses will take place at a specific time and then when it close, any remaining gates will be filled by SIM horses and betting will be open.  First come first serve to choose the gate number, but I feel there should be a very slight advantage coming out of gate #1 sliding towards a slight disadvantage as you move closer to gate #12.

When it is time to bet, I am not sure we need to do the whole "favored to win odds."  I was almost thinking because horse stats and histories will be available to everyone, they can do the research and come to their own conclusions who they think is favored to win.  

Bigger races would have higher admission fees and higher payouts

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