Let It Ride

 Let It Ride View Race History

Status: Active | Age: 2 | Rating: C- | Fame Score: 312 |

Purchase Price: $2,500 | Invested: $15 | Winnings: $2,250 | Sell Value: $2,638 |

Total Winnings: $1,050 | Average Winnings Per Race: $150 | Earnings from Breeding: $0

Rating: B- (this improves as the horse's stats improve)

Fame Score: 312 (this gets higher or lower depending how your horse performs in races, bigger races count for much more when winning, there will be other various factors that can affect fame)


Heart: 71

Consistency: 84 

Stamina: 59 (decent potential)

Speed: 80 (maxed out)

Kick: 69 (fair potential)

(I forgot the other stats) "longevity - how long the horse lives?" "durability - I think this stat should change based on certain factors" Jockey- I wonder if you should be able to switch between your jockeys from race to race?  or would that be too much work?" anything else? "start?- out of the gates"

Turf: +0 | Dirt: +1 | Wet: -1 | Dry: +1|

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